Currently at Landvetter airport enroute to Vienna! Can’t wait to escape to a warmer climate. My lovely city of Gothenburg has been a frozen hell these couple of days, thank goodness i’m leaving on a rainy day, if not, i’ll still be under the covers. But that said, i’m feeling a little under the weather due to the cold, traveling & constant lack of sleep, and i do wish to be under the sheets. But oh well, at least i’m flying business class (it’s my very first time!) so perhaps i’ll get to kick back and snooze comfortably. If that fails (cause i’m drinking a large cup of vanilla latte), then at least i have kill bill on my laptop to keep me company :)



Charlie Brown

Am currently on the bus from Stockholm to Gothenburg after spending 1.5 days in the capital. Its a 7 hour journey so i’m glad to have some time to catch up on my RSS feeds that have been sadly ignored. I usually ‘mark all as read’ just so i don’t have to deal with the guilt! Terrible, i know. Anyway, it was a really good trip, the three friends roamed the old streets of gamla stan, checked out the palaces, churches & soaked in the sights of the beautiful city. We had a simple dinner and a great conversation over a pint (or was it two?) of beer. I think i might start to mobile blog more often cause its just so convenient! The sister and bro-in-law are on their way to vienna where i’ll be meeting them tomorrow, so that means i’ll have tons to do (which i shall not bore you with) when i get home to g-berg (a name created for our favorite city gothenburg, to give it more street cred). I’m so excited to see her since its been 2 months since i’ve left Singapore, although that could also be due to the fact that she’s carrying my spring wardrobe with her! I can’t wait!

Am suddenly hit with a wave of sleepiness, but before i put on my new vintage shades and go to sleep, i thought i’ll share some pictures i took with my iphone in Stockholm!










As promised about 1 month ago (oops) i’m sharing what i’ve been cooking/preparing for the time that i’ve been in Sweden! Life is real good for now, and i’m making a pact with myself that i’ll do a blog post at least once a week because i’m such a total sloth that if i don’t tell myself to do it, i’ll never, and i mean NEVER get down to doing it!




Hej Hej

Been in sweden for about two weeks now, and so far i’ve been having an absolute blast. Being away is truly an experience, and even though i was dreading coming out of my comfort zone, i’m really glad that i did because i’ve never felt more independent! I’m really thankful for the friends that i’ve made these two weeks because they’ve made these cold, dreary winter days so much more bearable, and of course, it helps that there’s always something new to explore and people to meet! As usual, i’ll let the pictures do the talking. Stay tuned for the next update! Thinking of doing a post on what i’ve been cooking, since eating out is pretty expensive here in Gothenburg.


Leaving for Sweden in about 10 hours for 6 months, not sure how i feel but i definitely feel very unprepared. Spending some time with my cousin & watching movies on my laptop makes the anxiety go away. Will definitely be blogging here, so stay tuned.


I just turned 23, and even though birthdays don’t mean as much as it did when i was younger, i really did feel the love from everyone, so i thought i’d share with you guys how my day went :) a heartfelt thank you to all those that have left lovely birthday wishes on facebook, twitter and instagram, especially to my family who’ve always been my pillar and strength, i love you guys.

Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas!

Just thought i’d drop by and wish all of you a very merry christmas in advance! You see, I just finished wrapping my christmas presents whilst listening to michael buble’s christmas album, and i’m very pleased with how they’ve turned out because i never ever wrap my gifts, and besides, gift wrapping is not my forte (you will see below)!

Will be spending christmas eve with the family and the theme for this year is blue/gold! Feeling pretty excited, not gonna lie, all ready to stuff myself silly with good food and wine. Shall posts some pictures tomorrow or the day after if i can! Its really the most wonderful time of the year.

In the meantime, have a listen to my favorite christmas song of all time. Don’t remember if i’ve posted this up last year, but here’s ‘baby it’s cold outside’ by Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer.

Next up, my birthday in 5 days time! :)